Writing GLSL Shaders for Live Visuals: An Introduction

Thursday 5 May – 15:00
BAC - Le Commun
Languages English only
Required material It is recommended that participants bring their own computer and download the free ISF Editor, Fragment, Quartz Composer or similar software for working with GLSL shaders.

Schedule: 3pm - 6pm

Free entrance

Shaders masterIn this masterclass we will look at the possibilities offered by the GLSL coding language to create live visuals (some examples can be seen at and In recent years, GLSL has become one of the most used languages for creating real-time graphics generators and image processing FX. We will primarily focus on writing ISF based shaders to use in VDMX and other supported applications, but the basic concepts can translate to other platforms such as Unity, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, on the web and many more.

David Lublin is an artist / programmer / occasional mathematician based in Brooklyn, NY. For the last 10+ years he has primarily been part a small software company called VIDVOX that makes tools for video artists.

Free entrance / no registration