VVVV masterclass

Friday 6 May – 10:00
BAC - Le Commun
Languages Main: English / Other: German
Required material You can simply watch us demonstrate or bring your own Windows Laptop with vvvv installed and a 3 button mouse to follow along our instructions.

Session schedule

10am: general introduction to working with vvvv
11am: homography based projection mapping
01pm: the vvvv editing framework: creating your own mapping tools
03pm: re-projection: advanced mapping on curved surfaces
05pm: video effects and compositing

Free entrance

Vvvvvvvv is a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development. In this full day demo/workshop we'll cover various topics targeted at the projection mapping enthusiast. After a general introduction to the wide range of use cases vvvv covers, we'll focus our hands-on demos on ways to align digital content with the real world. You'll see different techniques and learn how to use the tools available in vvvv to achieve your goals.

* Joreg
* Tebjan Halm

Free entrance / no registration