Millumin: Creative content for theater & installations

Saturday 30 Apr – 11:00
BAC - Le Commun
Languages Main: English / Other: French
Required skills None, but past experiences in live video is better
Required material An Apple computer to practice with us. We will use Millumin and each participant will get a free trial; you can also install Cinema 4D and After Effects demo.

Schedule: 11pm - 5pm

Free entrance

3millumin %282%29Millumin is a revolutionary tool to create and perform audiovisual shows, from theater to videomapping, from dance to interactive installations. It has many great features to integrate easily video and interactions on stage : timeline, multiscreen/softedge, videomapping facilities, collaboration with other devices/softwares, etc.

During this day, we will focus on different technics to create content, mainly for theaters and interactive installations. We will speak about video content, as well realtime content. Among technics, we will see principles for anamorphosis with Cinema 4D, video projection on dancers, touch interactions for your audience, creative electronics with Arduino, simple tracking with Quartz Composer.

Philippe Chaurand (FR)

Free entrance / no registration