Mad Masterclass

Tuesday 3 May – 13:00
BAC - Le Commun
Languages English, French

Schedule: 1pm - 5pm

Free entrance

Screen shot 2016 03 22 at 20.04.07GarageCube and 1024 architecture team up in order to present, in the form of a friendly and technical masterclass, the latest developments of their software and hardware. From texture generator to 4k video, LED, and miniMAD synchronization with no configuration, all novelties will be reviewed during this four hours session.

Program: presentation of new software versions (MadMapper 2.5, MadMapper lite 1.0, Modul8 HD) and hardware (miniMAD 1.5, LED's Scenografix 2.0), video generators & surface shader with Mad lab v2, screen creation with miniMAD, and using MadMapper and Teensy to control digital LED strips.

Come meet the developers with your questions and crazy proposals!

* Boris Edelstein (CH)
* Pierre Guilly (BE)
* Matthieu Beghin (BE)
* Laurent Novac (CH)
* Gael Abegg-Gauthey (FR)
* François Wunchsel (FR)

Free entrance / no registration