@botcultures: Culture in a World of Bots

Tuesday 3 May – 17:30
HEAD - Genève
Languages French, English

Schedule: 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Location: HEAD - room R10

Free entrance

Photo marie lechnerFrom Twitter bot to generative music, from automatic editing of Wikipedia articles to books publication on Amazon, there are multiple forms of software robots participation in contemporary cultures. The advent of Big Data society and the provision of visual or audio contents by users help their hybridization and the creation of all kind of strange and fascinating productions. It is evidenced by the use of samples, presets, or sound effects in electronic music, and the role played by glitches in visual arts, creation of web mash-ups and internet memes.

*Marie Lechner is a journalist, specialized in digital arts and culture (Libération, Arte Creative, MCD, Le Monde)
*Joël Vacheron is a sociologist and freelance journalist based in London. He writes on music, visual arts and design
*Moderation by Nicolas Nova (HEAD – Genève / The Near Future Laboratory)

Free entrance / no registration