Saturday 7 May – 20:00
CHF 25.-/20.-

Doors open at 7.30pm
Performances start at 8pm

Seismik3With its dazzling dislocation models of strain and release, Seismik is a tension-charged, frequency-fraught AV performance that taps into seismic waves, frictional resistance and tremor-related phenomena in real-time. True to Herman Kolgen's temporal/spatial preoccupations and radiographic approach, the artist renders the invisible visible: he has devised sophisticated software that registers magnetic fields and seismic activity from São Paulo to Kyoto, in turn generating abstracted sound and relentless visual motifs. As with previous audiocinetic sculptures such as Dust, Inject and Train fragments, Kolgen plays on notions of physical, cerebral and emotional tension, in this case disrupting terrestrial strains of varying intensities with layers of rumbling, multisensory matter. A dramatic descent deep under the rubble.

In collaboration with L.E.V. Festival