Generative Mapping Architecture

Friday 29 Apr – 21:00
HEAD - Genève
Free entrance

Schedule: 9pm - 11pm 

Generative mapping architectureDuring a week, under the direction of 1024 Architecture, a class of Master Media Design students will build a temporary structure and produce interactive video images screened right onto the school, an emblematic building from 19th century industrial architecture, located at Boulevard James-Fazy 15.

Focusing on the creation of generative visuals, this workshop will explore the possibilities of new video mapping tools, also providing the students with an experience of full-scale production alongside internationally renowned speakers. The productions of the workshop will be shown to the public of Mapping Festival.

Design and development: 1024 Architecture (Pier Schneider, François Wunschel et Laurent Novac) with Martin Besson, Sébastien Beureux, Margaux Charvolin, Vincent De Vevey, Patrick Arthur Donaldson, Yoann Douillet, Jessica Friedling, Charles-Henri Hayoz, Mai Li, Laurent Monnet, Valérie Pierrehumbert, Benoît Renaudin, Israel Jacob Viadest

Production: Haute école d’art et de design – Genève, Master Media Design
Technics: Alexandre Simian
Teaching assistants: Laura Couto Rosado, Dylan Perrenoud
DJ set: Pi Why
Software: Mad Mapper 2.5