Rabih Beaini

M>O>S Recordings, Morphine Records


Rabih beaini 1An inquisitive musician, Rabih Beaini has been traveling a singular, esoteric journey into the depths of circuits and patch cords, showing an intriguingly strong familiarity with a broad spectrum of jazz history and proto-dance music repertoire as Ra.H and Morphosis. While debated about mostly in electronic dance music terms, it’s been clear that during his formative period in Venice, he was also diligently working out a way to incorporate the physicality of his modular gear in live improvisation practices. Reaching as far back as 2002, his lead position in the Upperground Orchestra heavily influenced various incarnations of the collective. His own imprint Morphine Records features artists like Pierre Bastien, Senyawa, Charles Cohen, Sote, Hieroglyphic Being and Anthony "Shake" Shakir among others, while his work extends also to events and festival curation like CTM-16, Berghain’s Morphine Night, and many other projects around the globe.