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VerticalA prolix and hyperactive artist, repeatedly cited as a key figure of the European underground scene, Mimetic wears more than one hat with brio. Respected artistic director of Electron festival and Présences Electroniques Genève by day, Jérôme Soudan equally excels by night in his DJ-producer suit, multiplying collaborations (Tétines Noires, Von Magnet, Art Zoyd), solo projects, remixes (Björk, Kangding Ray, Mika Vaino, Mira Calix...), also pursuing a collaboration with Sigmasix for installations or audiovisual sets shown in flagship locations like Paléo Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art in Taiwan, and VideoEx in Zurich. 

Creator of nine albums and of a substantial number of various outputs, Mimetic has traveled all over the world in over 15 years of live shows, distilling electronic music at times technoid, at times atmospheric, but always modelled after its author: complex and fascinating.