Animation for kids with high expectations

Saturday 30 Apr – 16:00
Cinéma Spoutnik
CHF 12.-/8.-

These animated films are not like the usual TV series. Some of the best Swiss Animators made them for children who like the cherry on the cake.

Animation for kids with high expectationIn collaboration with Fantoche, International Animation Film Festival, Baden.

Duration: 60’
Age: 6 years and above

Films list
, Mehdi Alibeygi, IR 2014, 6’30“
Some Thing, Elena Walf, DE 2015, 7’
A Brief Encounter, Somayeh Yazdanpanah, IR 2014, 2’36‘‘
Tik Tak, Ülo Pikkov, EE 2015, 9’30“
The Suitcase, Jennifer Kiakas, CA 2015, 3’30“
Mit anderen Augen, François Chalet, CH 2015, 4’09“
Lila, Carlos Lascano, AR/ES 2014, 9’
Message dans l’Air, Isabelle Favez, CH/FR 2015, 6’10‘‘
Rosso Papavero, Martin Smetana , SQ 2015, 5’16“
Cats and Dogs, Jesus Perez / Gerd Gockel, CH/DE 2015, 6’09“
Johnny Express, Kyungmin Woo, KR 2014, 5’20‘‘

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